Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.
Oscar de la Renta
Fashion designer

Advantages of Silk Fabric

Skin Friendly
friendly for the skin and hair 99%
very comfortable to wear and smooth to the touch 95%
great durability and excellent wrinkle resistance 89%
Breathable Fabric
super lightweight and breathable 91%
Naturally Hypoallergenic
natural resistance to dust and many other allergens 93%
Great Value
best quality fabric, luxurious and stylish 99%

Silk pillowcases can improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and resulting in smoother, frizz-free hair. Unlike cotton, silk does not absorb as much moisture, and it wicks moisture away to keep you dry and cool all night long.

Mulberry Silk vs Charmeuse

Mulberry silk refers to the silk made from the cocoons of the larvae of Mulberry silkworms whereas Charmeuse silk is a fabric made with a particular way of weaving, allowing for extra lustre and shine on the front side and a matte finish at the back. Charmeuse silk can be made from all kinds of different silk including Mulberry silk and is often used on products that do not require displaying both sides of the fabric such as nightdresses, scarfs, facemasks, pillowcases and duvet covers etc.

Thread Count or Mommes

Thread count is a measure of the coarseness or fineness of certain fabrics. While it is not the definitive measurement of the quality of silk fabrics. For silk, Mommes, pronounced ‘moe-mie’ and abbreviated as ‘mm,’ is the unit used to measure its quality. Higher the momme,  the silk fabric will be heavier, stronger and durable.  For bedding between 19-25 momme is considered ideal.

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